MBTA Bus Safety Under Scrutiny

Each year, almost four million people ride the MBTA in Boston. The Transit system is the country’s oldest in operation, and connects all corners of the city through five subway lines and a fleet of 178 bus routes. When passengers board an MBTA bus, they would like to believe that they are safe-safer, perhaps, than they would be anywhere else on the road. Buses are often the largest vehicles on the street, and their sturdy metal frame makes them seem indestructible, but bus accidents are still responsible for hundreds of injuries every year in Boston. As victims of motor vehicle accidents know, some of these injuries can cause permanent damage that can forever alter someone’s lifestyle, or even lead to death.

Bus accidents involve more factors than the common fender bender between two cars. The cause for the accident could be attributed to negligence by the bus driver, the driver of another vehicle, distraction by a passenger, or perhaps faulty equipment on either vehicle. Each incident, of course, is unique and must be investigated thoroughly. Something to be considered, however, is the fact that the buses are usually carrying numerous passengers, which increases the number of injuries. MBTA buses carry a maximum of almost 50 passengers, meaning that every single one of those people has the potential to be injured in an accident.

Those who have been injured in an MBTA bus accident caused by a reckless or negligent act may be entitled to financial compensation. Although it may seem daunting to bring a case up against the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, a person injury attorney specializes in handling these types of cases, and can guide victims through the process, allowing them to get the compensation they need and deserve to pay off medical expenses, offset lost wages, and ease pain and suffering.

While fatalities as a result of bus accidents are increasingly rare, death and serious injury are still very much a threat. Just a few months ago, a 24-year-old Roxbury man succumbed to his injuries after his Infiniti sedan rear-ended an MBTA bus in Randolph. Nine people were injured on the bus that was legally parked at a bus stop. MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo informed CBS Boston that the car showed no sign of braking before the accident. The nine injured passengers were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries-most of them noted as back pain. “All of a sudden we heard a pop and everyone looked outside and there was a car underneath the bus,” said Tabitha Beary, who was on the bus at the time.

Common Carriers such as buses are required to provide:
• Entrances and exits that are safe for passengers (adequate lighting, passageways free of obstructions, etc.)
• Security to ensure the health and safety of passengers • Qualified and properly trained personnel to operate the vehicles • Maintenance on the vehicles’ engines, motors, and other machinery to prevent malfunction At the law offices of Altman & Altman, LLP our team of seasoned Car Accident and Bus Accident Attorneys have nearly 5 decades of experience handling all types of personal injury cases. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of victims receive the compensation they need and deserve. Victims can receive compensation for their lost wages, medical expenses, and damages. Our attorneys are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have and are happy to walk you through the process. Initial consultations are free of charge.

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