MBTA Bans Drivers From Carrying Cell Phones

Following a subway accident that injured close to fifty people last week, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has announced that it will ban subway and bus drivers from carrying electronic devices of any kind while they are operating T vehicles. The ban goes into effect on Monday.

The driver involved with last week’s subway crash is refusing to answer questions from federal investigators regarding the MBTA accident. He has already admitted to texting his girlfriend at the time of the crash.

MBTA operators are already banned from using cell phones on the job. Those found with a cell phone in their possession will now face a 10-day suspension. If they are found using a cell phone, employees face an automatic 30-day suspension and recommendation for discharge. This is the strictest regulation of any major transit authority in the country.

Mass. Transit Authority Banning Driver Cell Phones, WBUR.com, May 13, 2009
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