MBTA Accident Injures Seven People

This morning around 8:45am, a trolley collision in Boston’s Boylston T station sent seven people, including two trolley conductors, to the hospital. The MBTA accident victims reported neck and pain and were transported to New England Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

According to spokesperson for the MBTA, one trolley bumped into a second trolley, causing the two trolleys to hitch together. Both trains contained about 500 commuters, who exited the trolley and walked through the subway tunnel to get to Boylston station.

Although the subway accident did not damage or derail the trains, Green Line service was delayed for several hours. Riders took buses between stations at Arlington and Government Center before regular trolley service resumed just before 10:30am. Investigators say they will examine the tracks, signals, and the behavior of the train operators to determine the cause of the trolley collision.

Trolley collision injures 7, delays Green Line, Boston Globe, November 14, 2008
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