Massachusetts Turnpike May End Free Rides to Employees

According to NewsCenter 5, the Masscachusetts Turnpike Authority has given out over 4,000 “non-revenue” transponders, allowing motorists to drive the Turnpike for free, despite the Turnpike Authority’s mounting debt.

Roughly three quarters of those transponders go to state troopers, but many of the others are used by turnpike employees, who pay an annual fee of just $26 in exchange for free unlimited driving throughout Massachusetts with tolls.

In addition, there are reportedly over 200 retired turnpike employees who pay even less ($5/year) to drive the turnpike without paying tolls. Some Massachusetts commuters say this arrangement is unfair, and in fact, the free rides may be ending on November 1 when the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority is dissolved, becoming part of the newly-created Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Turnpike Giving Out Hundreds Of ‘Free Rides’,, July 2, 2009
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