Massachusetts Snowmobile Crash Injures Freestyle Sledder

Freestyle sledder Darryl Tait landed in a Massachusetts hospital following a snowmobile crash during a Boston area competition, according to the Whitehorse Star. The 19-year-old is at Massachusetts General Hospital and is using a respirator to breathe. His snowmobile apparently landed on him while he was demonstrating a maneuver.

According to a friend of Tait, surgeons are waiting until he can breathe on his own before attempting to operate in his back. Tait’s doctors are unsure if his spine was severed in the snowmobile accident.

The friend told the Whitehorse Star that one of the athlete’s lungs was punctured and the other collapsed. The snowmobile accident victim also reportedly suffered broken ribs.

Canadian Freestyler Darryl Tait Injured in Snowmobile Crash,, October 16, 2009
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