Massachusetts’ Slow Down, Move Over Law Takes Effect This Weekend

In February, a state trooper responding to a motor vehicle accident was seriously injured by a car that spun out of control and hit him. State police have experienced several instances where troopers sustained injuries due to a motor vehicle moving at excessive speeds.

They are hoping that a new law, “Slow Down, Move Over,” which goes into effect on Sunday will reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in among emergency medical personnel, highway workers, police officers, and other responding to an a car accident, traffic violation, or emergency.

State legislature passed the “Slow Down, Move Over” law on December 22, and the new legislation requires drivers to slow down as they pass an emergency situation and to leave the lane closet to the auto accident if possible. There is no specified speed limit, but drivers up to a $100 fine for failing to comply.

Rhode Island already enacted similar legislation last July and 42 other states have a “Move Over Law” in place.

Law makes drivers move over, slow down for roadside emergencies, Boston Globe, March 18, 2009
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