Massachusetts Seeks Recall Pact for Toyota Drivers

On Wednesday, Toyota announced a deal that will help the more than 500,000 owners of recalled vehicles in New York state. The recall was prompted by a car accident last year that killed a highway patrol officer and three of his family members when the accelerator pedal got stuck and the vehicle hurtled ahead at more than 100 mph. The carmaker has since recalled more than 8.5 million cars worldwide due to issues like unintended acceleration and brake issues.

In light of the recall, Toyota has promised to pick and return vehicles scheduled for repair in New York state. They will also provide alternative transportation while owners are “unable or unwilling” to drive their cars, and arrange to transport owners to their dealerships or workplaces. These special arrangements will be provide to drivers at no cost.

At least four other states, including Massachusetts, have contacted Toyota to request similar arrangements.

Sources: Toyota recall pact with NY sought by other states, Reuters, February 24, 2010
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