Massachusetts Police Working to Reduce Road Rage

In Massachusetts, a new initiative called Road Respect Mobilization is currently in effect statewide. State and local police are working to curtail road rage thought grants from the state Executive Office of Public Safety. The grants range up to $2,000 and cover overtime for radar patrols so that officers can monitor unsafe lane changing, speeding, tailgating, and red light violations. The program runs through April 26.

According to Norton police spokesman Lt. Todd Jackson, “aggressive driving is the cause of many crashes. Our community has seen an increase in incidents involving this behavior, such as ‘road rage’ incidents.”

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration states that around 6.3 million auto accidents occur every year in the United States. Although the number of accidents related to aggressive driving and road rage is unknown, it is suspected that many of those crashes were related to angry or frustrated drivers.

If you are confronted by an angry driver, police recommend that you avoid eye contact and try to get safely out of the way. If the incident escalates and becomes serious, dial 911.

Look for more patrols to combat aggressiveness, The Sun Chronicle, April 6, 2009
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