Massachusetts Police Investigating Fiery Car Crash That Killed a Marion Man

Earlier this month, Marion police responded to an emergency call about a car engulfed in flame near the Kittansett Golf Club. A 75-year-old man was trapped inside the vehicle and had died by the time emergency crews were able to remove him from the car. The body was taken by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to determine the exact cause of death.

According to the results of a preliminary investigation, the man was driving south of Point Road when he hit a fire hydrant, rocks, and trees. The car accident victim was semiretired and had been working part-time as a business professor at UMASS Dartmouth. The roof of his home had been destroyed by a chimney fire earlier this year.

It is not known if either of the fires were accidental or intentional, but here in Massachusetts, the penalty for attempting to burn a building or structure is ten years in prison. The fine for burning personal property over $25 or a vehicle is three years or $500. Authorities are still investigating the fatal car crash.

Source: Marion man dies in fiery crash,, December 23, 2010
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