Massachusetts Man Arrested for Texting Behind the Wheel

Earlier this week, a Dracut, Massachusetts driver was pulled over for text messaging while in plain sight of a police officer. When officers discovered that the man was also driving with a suspended license, they arrested the 20-year-old motorist.

Text messaging while driving become illegal in New Hampshire on January 1. While a violation would generally lead to a reckless operation charge and a $100 fine rather than an arrest, police arrested the man because they say he blatantly broke the law by driving without a valid license and texting with the cell phone at steering wheel level.

The state does not track the number of people caught texting on the road, so it’s possible that this driver was the first to get caught. However, police say that while text messaging poses a serious danger to drivers, it can be challenging to enforce the new law.

Source: A first? Texting while driving leads to arrest,, April 6, 2010
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