Massachusetts Highway Department Plans to Rebuild Dangerous Intersection

The Worcester Business Journal recently reported that the intersection of Interstates 495 and 290 has an accident rate that is 33 percent higher than similar highway interchanges. The Mass Highway Department plans to improve the intersection by redesigning and rebuilding it.

The construction project will not be completed until 2014 or 2015; however, the MHD has $31 million in federal and state money designated to fund it. The Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency has deemed an environmental impact report unnecessary, which will save 18-24 months.

Construction will be completed in stages so that traffic will flow as usual. Currently, the intersection is a full cloverleaf pattern, but the new design will transform the intersection into a partial cloverleaf and three levels of roadway. Two of the four ramps at the intersection are rated “F” due to the heavy amount of traffic they handle. The redesign is anticipated to bump up the rating to a B, C, or D.

At A Crossroads, Worcester Business Journal, August 18, 2008
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