Massachusetts Governor Supports Traffic Cameras, Despite Criticism

Critics say that using cameras to fine drivers who run red lights is an attempt to raise revenue, rather than improve safety, but the Boston Globe and other media outlets report that Governor Deval Patrick is pushing to make Massachusetts the 25th state to adopt such a measure. Many mayors and police chiefs have been wanting the cameras for years.

If passed, the state law would allow cities and towns to fine drivers up to $100 if their traffic violation is caught on camera. The fine would not subject the owners of the vehicle to insurance surcharges and would require signs warning drivers that their cars and license plates are being photographed. Such signs have been shown in some studies to actually cause more rear-end car crashes, perhaps because motorists slam on the brakes when they notice the signs.

However, federal studies show that the cameras do lower the number of right-angle auto collisions in the middle of intersections, which can be even more hazardous than rear-end collisions. The Federal Highway Administration says the cameras should be used for safety purposes, not as a way to generate more revenue.

Source: Patrick pushes for cameras to catch red-light violators, Boston Globe, November 13, 2009
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