Massachusetts Governor Signs Texting Ban Into Law

Our Massachusetts car crash lawyers have learned that Governor Deval Patrick signed the state’s text messaging ban into law last week. The law takes effect in October and bans text messaging while driving for all Massachusetts motorists and all cell phone use for drivers under 18. In addition, drivers 75 and older will be required to take vision tests and renew their driver’s licenses in person.

Texting will be a primary offense, so police will be allowed to pull over and ticket drivers solely because of text messaging. Violators will be issued a $100 fine, and those under 18 will have their license suspended for 60 days. However, violations will not impact insurance premiums.

Police say the ban could be challenging to enforce, but they plan to speak at high school assemblies this fall to raise awareness about the ban. Massachusetts is the 29th state to enact a text messaging ban. This legislation comes after several fatal car crashes involving texting.

Source: New state law spells it out: No texting while driving, Boston Globe, July 3, 2010
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