Massachusetts Experiencing Fewer Teen Driving Fatalities

In the three years since Massachusetts instituted tougher penalties on teen drivers who speed or commit other traffic violations, the number of fatal car accidents involving junior operators has decreased by 75%. According to statistics from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the number of speeding tickets and citations for seat-belt violations issued to these young drivers has also dropped.

New laws took effect on March 31, 2007 after a serious of deadly car crashes involving teen drivers. These laws increased driver’s ed requirements and the penalties for teen driving violations. The RMV says these new penalties have been highly effective at discouraging unsafe driving practices among teens.

In fact, last year Massachusetts had only six fatal auto accidents involving teen drivers, compared to 20 a few years ago. Overall, there were 13,214 accidents reported among teen motorists compared to 21,310 in 2006 before the new laws went into effect.

Source: Steep drop in teen driver fatalities, Boston Globe, April 18, 2010
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