Massachusetts Car Crash Injures Mother and Baby

In Danvers, a 93-year-old man crashed his car into the entrance of a Wal-Mart off Andover Street. The car accident occurred just before 10am, injuring a mother and her one-year-old daughter. Several other people were taken to the hospital due to the shock of the accident, but none of the injuries were life-threatening, according to the Deputy Fire Chief. The driver refused medical treatment, but his 90-year-old wife was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

According to a preliminary investigation, authorities say the auto accident happened because the driver stepped on the gas instead of the brake pedal as he was trying to park his Toyota Camry. The car rammed into two cash register stations inside the store, narrowly fitting in between concrete posts intended to prevent cars from getting in the entrance.

Although there was no structural damage to the store, authorities estimate that the car crash caused between $50,000 and $60,00 in damage.

Mother and baby injured as car crashes into Danvers Wal-Mart, Boston Globe, June 2, 2009
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