Massachusetts Car Crash Attorneys Discuss Countdown to Texting Ban

Come October 1, the state’s text ban will go into effect. The much anticipated law makes it illegal for Massachusetts motorists to write or read a text message or email or search the internet while driving, even if they do it at a stoplight. Since text messaging has been shown to raise the risk of a car crash, violators will be subject to a $100 fine.

In anticipation of the ban, Boston-area drivers say they are trying to get out of the habit of texting behind the wheel. But for many habitual texters, it won’t be easy. Some have tried setting the ringer to vibrate or silent to remove the temptation. Others place their phone in a bag and leave the bag out of reach.

The American Automobile Association advises people to start practicing now so that they’ll be ready to comply with the law later this fall. The state is working with a local nonprofit to develop a public awareness campaign.

Source: Need text therapy?, Boston Globe, August 15, 2010
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