Massachusetts Auto Insurers Now Offer Pet Coverage in Case of Accident

The Commonwealth deregulated the car insurance industry two years ago, and since then, five insurers have added an optional pet injury insurance option for pet-lovers who want to cover their animals. Like traditional car insurance policies which cover the medical costs of those injured in motor vehicle accidents, these pet policies cover $500-$1,000 for veterinary bills with no deductible.

Customers of the Quincy-based Arbella Mutual Insurance can pay $20 annually for the “Pet Lover’s Endorsement,” which covers up to $500 to treat injuries sustained by a dog or cat in a car crash. If Fluffy or Fido died as a result of an accident, burial or disposal costs might also be covered. So far, hundreds of policy-holders have added pet coverage.

In Boston, the Angell Animal Medical Center treats an average of two or three animals injured in accidents per month. According to a spokesman for MSPCA-Angell, typical injuries include whiplash, fractured bones, and injuries from the impact of airbags or windshields.

NOTE: Mentioning the names of insurance companies and policies should not construed as an endorsement. We encourage you to comparison shop on your own before signing up for an insurance policy.

Source: Auto insurers take on pets, Boston Herald, December 19, 2010
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