Massachusetts Sideswipe Accidents Leave Passengers Vulnerable to Serious Injuries

If you or someone you love was injured in a Boston sideswipe collision, you should speak with an experienced Massachusetts traffic accident lawyer right away. A sideswipe accident happens when the sides of two autos heading in the same direction end up striking one another, potentially causing serious injuries or death.

A sideswipe accident typically occurs when one driver changes lanes without checking to make sure there isn’t already a vehicle there. Distracted driving can also compel a motorist to unintentionally drift into the next lane without noticing until it’s too late. Driving while tired, talking on a cell phone, text messaging, or operating under the influence of alcohol and drugs can also cause sideswipe crashes.

Injuries from a sideswipe accident may be severe—especially as the bulk of protection found in vehicles are designated to deal with head-on and rear-end crashes, although having side-impact air bags can help. Still, in sideswipe crashes there is very little physical buffer between where the impact strikes a vehicle and the location of the passengers.

In a Massachusetts sideswipe crash, especially when fast speeds are involved, the drivers can easily lose control of their vehicles, propelling their autos into oncoming traffic, other cars, or even into a guardrail, an electrical pole, off the road, or into a tree. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reports that 242,000 sideswipe crashes occur in the US annually, and they are the cause of over 2,500 traffic deaths and about 27,000 injuries. Serious sideswipe crash injuries may include spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neck injury, broken bones, limb loss, nerve damage, bruises and cuts, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, paralysis, permanent disability, or death.

Even with Personal Injury Protection, medical bills from a Boston sideswipe crash can far exceed your policy’s limits. The coverage will certainly not cover lost wages from the time off from work needed to allow you to recover from serious injuries.

You want to explore your legal options with a Massachusetts personal injury law firm whose auto crash lawyers can investigate the crash site, gather evidence, work with medical experts to asses your injuries and recovery expenses, and build a case that will help you collect the financial compensation you are owed. Contact Altman & Altman, LLP today.
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