In Needham, Truck Hits Route 9 Overpass, Driver Not Injured

Last Tuesday morning, a truck driver with Calex Trucking was turning onto Route 9 when the top of his truck grazed the underside of a bridge, pulling several pieces of granite with it. Two pieces still rested on top of the truck when four Newton Police cars and one state trooper arrived at the scene.

Police did not disclose the cost to repair the bridge, which is estimated to be almost a hundred years old. Ken Weaver, who was driving the truck when it grazed the bridge, was uninjured, though he said “I’ve had a bad day since I woke up.” Already, he had faced snowy conditions in Connective and heavy traffic on his way to Massachusetts.

Truck hits Rte. 9 overpass in Needham and takes piece with it, The Daily News Tribune, December 30, 2008
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