House Considering Bill That Would Restrict Cell Phone Use on the Road

Here in Massachusetts, the debate over drivers and cell phones continues. Earlier today, the House debated a bill that would ban text messaging while driving. It would also ban junior drivers from using cell phones at all and require drivers over the age of 75 to renew their license in person every five years. Currently, they must renew their license every ten years. These new rules were prompted by several high-profile car crashes last year involving older drivers.

During the early part of the bill, members voted 93-66 to make the bill even tougher, requiring all Massachusetts drivers to use hands-free devices when they make cell phone calls. Though the House has previously voted to require hands-free devices in 2008, the law was later killed by the Senate.

Members of the House hope that the bill would reduce the risk of auto accidents in Massachusetts. Assuming the legislation passes today, it will continue to the Senate.

Source: House bill would require drivers making calls to go hands-free, Boston Globe, February 4, 2010
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