Hit-and-run Driver Collides with a Police Cruiser, Injuring a Civilian

The Massachusetts State Police are currently on the lookout for a hit-and-run driver that struck a police cruiser and injured a civilian. The accident occurred on I-395 in Chicopee early Saturday morning.

A state police trooper was stooped on the side of the Chicopee stretch of the highway near exit 4 assisting a motorist with a flat tire. A few moments later, as the motorist stood by the driver’s side window of the state police cruiser speaking with the trooper, an SUV swerved into the breakdown lane on I-395, colliding with not only the state police cruiser, but also the pedestrian standing at the window.

Following the accident, the SUV fled the scene of the crash. Police have described the SUV as being light in color and it will likely have heavy front-end damage as the result of the accident.

The pedestrian, a 40-year-old resident of Holyoke, suffered serious injuries and was transported to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. Fortunately, the state trooper was not injured in the automobile accident.

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Source: Cops seek SUV in I-395 hit-and-run, Boston Herald, August 29, 2010

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