Foxboro Man Seriously Injured in Rollover Accident

A 40-year-old man from Foxboro was ejected from his pickup truck after it rolled over multiple times due to a crash with another vehicle. He was airlifted by medical helicopter to Massachusetts General in Boston on Tuesday afternoon. The two-car crash happened at approximately 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of South and West streets in Foxboro.

Deputy Fire Chief Steve Bagley confirmed that the driver of the pickup truck seemed have chest injuries and also difficulty breathing. Acting Fire Captain David Laracy said that the pickup driver “suffered serious head and chest injuries.”

According to the Foxboro Police Department, a 13-year-old boy who was also in the pickup was taken to Norwood Hospital. He was not severely injured.

Witnesses reported to police that the pickup truck rolled over twice before coming to a complete stop. Officials confirmed that the truck was driving North on South Street when it crashed with a sedan which was turning from West Street onto North Street. The truck rolled over twice and landed on its wheels. The driver of the sedan was examined at the scene of the accident but did not sustain any injuries. Truck rollover accidents are frightening and sometimes fatal. While we may never know the exact cause of this accident, we know significant damages were caused by this event.

Due to the accident, the intersection was closed for an hour. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation reports that in 2006, 15% of all Massachusetts fatal crashes were rollovers.

Driving while exhausted, distracted, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs can increase your chances of a rollover accident. If your tires are not properly inflated or if your cargo weight is too heavy for your vehicle´s recommended weight, your chances of a rollover are also increased.

A tripped rollover, such as the case above, or a rollover caused by the tires digging into soft soil or hitting an object, can occur due to any of the following circumstances:

• Soft soil on the side of the road • Guardrail • A collision with another vehicle • Steep slope or ditch
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