Five Taken to Hospital after School Van Crashes in Chelmsford

A school van carrying special-needs students was involved in a crash Wednesday afternoon in Chelmsford, MA. Police arrived promptly at the scene of the accident, which occurred at the Drum Hill Square rotary shortly after 3 p.m., but stated that the cause was not immediately known. However, they believe one of the vehicles may have run a red light.

The van was carrying two special-needs students, reportedly from the nearby Lighthouse School in Chelmsford, and the car with which it collided was carrying two teenagers. All were taken to nearby hospitals for precautionary reasons, Chelmsford police Lieutenant Jim Spinney said, though their injuries were thought to be minor.

Rotaries, despite being designed to improve traffic flow and reduce vehicle crashes, have come under criticism in Massachusetts as being poorly designed and accident-prone. A study of 23 rotaries, done by Ryerson Polytechnic University and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that they can reduce fatal accidents by 90 percent and all accidents by 40 percent. However, New England’s traffic circles, most of which were implemented to accommodate higher volumes of traffic, are larger and more dangerous than modern roundabouts. Of the roughly 100 rotaries in Massachusetts, 17 appear on MassHighway’s list of the 1,000 Most Hazardous Intersections.

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