Elderly Man Injured When He Lost Control of Vehicle at Wellesley Recycling Facility

An elderly man from Wellesley, Massachusetts is in serious condition after being struck by his own vehicle Monday morning. The 70 year old man, who has yet to be identified by authorities, has possible internal injuries. Initial reports released for the accident indicate that the victim has injuries that are expected to be serious in nature. The exact extent and severity of these injuries was not immediately disclosed following the incident on Monday.

The unidentified victim became trapped underneath his own vehicle shortly after 11:30 AM on Monday morning. According to preliminary reports released by responding officers from the Wellesley Police Department, the victim had driven to the town’s Recycling and Disposal Facility in order to drop off some items. The man allegedly backed his vehicle into a spot at the Facility and attempted to put the emergency parking brake in place before exiting the vehicle. The immediate events prior to the accident were not made immediately clear by the victim or those issuing the report on the matter. But law enforcement officials believe that sometime after the victim exited his vehicle, either as he was in the process of exiting or immediately thereafter, he became aware of the fact that his vehicle had begun to roll forward. The man held onto the front door of the car in an effort to prevent it from moving forward any further, and it was at this time that he was knocked down.  

Wellesley Police Lieutenant Marie Cleary indicated that it was at this time that victim had become trapped underneath the front wheel of the vehicle. Two individuals who had been nearby when the accident unfolded ran over to aid the man. The two unnamed individuals were able to move the vehicle off of the man and free him from underneath the front tire. No word has been given on whether or not the two individuals witnessed the accident itself or were able to offer helpful information to responding officers.

Once emergency responders arrived on scene, they assessed the man for his injuries and decided to have him flown to a Boston-area hospital to receive treatment. Lt. Marie Cleary said that the exact nature of his injuries was unclear at this time to her department. The man was then taken via MedFlight helicopter to an undisclosed hospital. He is believed to have internal injuries due to the nature of the accident. Reports have indicated that no one else has been injured as a result of this incident.

Additional information and an update on the victim’s condition are expected to be released in the upcoming days to follow. Wellesley Police Officers have indicated that the unnamed victim had been alert and able to describe the incident to them prior to being airlifted via helicopter to a hospital to receive treatment for his wounds. Their investigation into the matter to gain further details of what exactly took place prior to the incident is still being conducted at this time.


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