Dorchester Crash Injures Massachusetts State Trooper

On Friday night, a Massachusetts state trooper was injured in a car accident in Dorchester. According to police, the cruiser was traveling north on Morrissey Boulevard when another vehicle made a U-turn and caused the crash.

Authorities do not consider the injuries to be life-threatening. The trooper’s vehicle was also carrying a dog at the time of the auto accident, but the dog is said to be fine.

Although some car crashes result in minor injuries, others can lead to serious, life-altering conditions such as burns, brain injuries, or even death. Massachusetts is a no-fault state, so motorists are covered by their own Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP), but some car accident victims find that that their medical costs exceed their PIP’s policy limit.

State trooper injured in Dorchester crash,, July 11, 2009
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