Distracted Driving: Accidents Can Happen Anywhere – It Almost Happened to me…

How many times have you backed safely out of your driveway? Probably too many times to count or actively keep track of. While we all believe that we are commonly practicing safe driving habits, accidents can occur at any time. I was recently pulling out of my driveway and was putting my car in reverse while closing my garage door when a car raced down my street, thankfully I was able to apply my breaks in time, but it was close.  Accidents can happen in the most familiar areas.  Whether it is on a freeway, a local back road, or even your own driveway, unforeseen circumstances can contribute to misfortune. A local Quincy woman found out the hard way that perhaps the practices she was so familiar with weren’t safe enough.

65 year old Phung Huynh is facing charges after running over an 82 year old pedestrian. Huynh claims that her car stopped suddenly while she was backing out of her driveway and she could not get the car to move any further. It is alleged that Huynh ran over the victim twice, claiming that she believed at the time that it was a mechanical issue with her vehicle. After pulling back into her driveway she observed the elderly victim lying on the ground.

Quincy’s Police Chief Capt. John Dougan goes on to say that after noticing the elderly victim, Huynh left her home and departed for her niece’s house instead of stopping to administer aid or alert local authorities. It wasn’t until Huynh had arrived at her niece’s house and described what happened that the niece brought Huynh to the police station in order to turn her in. The accident occurred at approximately 8:45 AM and Huynh did not contact authorities until 11:00 AM.

Capt. Dougan stated that Huynh will be charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries. Dougan also said that Huynh had not been arrested and that her arraignment for this case had not yet been set.

The 82 year old victim has not been identified but she suffered multiple broken bones during the accident. It is unclear at this time who found the victim.

Being alert and aware of your surroundings could play a vital role in avoiding accidents. Exercising caution in regular situations may help prevent future injuries to yourself and others. Even if you feel as though you are sure of the proper way to back out of a driveway, pull onto a street, or switch lanes, accidents such as these highlight the importance of awareness. If you check over your shoulder before reversing, check again. Adjust your mirrors appropriately. Enforce your own common practices to a degree in which you feel will maximize safety. Accidents can occur regardless of the rules you follow. But increasing your attentiveness could prove beneficial.

Distracted driving is dangerous driving. In order to prevent injuries, loss of life, and criminal charges: pay attention. It could truly be that simple. Paying attention to your surroundings may be the difference between tragedy and regularity.  If you or  a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident give our experience Boston car accident lawyers a call for a free consultation 617-492-3000.

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