Chelmsford Officials Supporting Red Light Camera Bill

Earlier this week, Chelmsford’s police chief told the Board of Selectmen that a traffic safety bill being considered on Beacon Hill is gaining support. Chelmsford selectmen and law enforcement officials say they support the bill, which would allow the Massachusetts town to install cameras at intersections in the hopes of catching drivers who run red lights.

The bill was filed in Massachusetts’ house and senate and would allow for cameras to take a digital photo of the rear end of a vehicle after it drives through a red light. Drivers would receive a time-stamped copy of the picture and a traffic ticket in the mail. Chelmsford’s police chief says the addition to cameras would improve the flow of traffic and increase safety on the road.

Some worry that the cameras could pose an invasion of privacy. However, violators of the red light law will not receive any merit rating surcharges nor will the ticket count against their driving record.

Chelmsford chief backs redlight camera bill, GateHouse News Service, October 27, 2009
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