Car Crashes into a Chicopee Building for the Second Time in Three Days

A car crashed into a Chicopee bedroom around 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday. William Flores and his girlfriend woke up to debris and the car inches away at the foot of the bed. Neither the residents nor their two dogs were injured, but firefighters are concerned about the stability of the home’s front wall.

According to police, the car driven by 66-year-old Patricia Naimey smashed into a street light, a stop sign, and a fire hydrant before hitting the house. They are investigating how she lost control.

This was the second time within a three-day period that a car hit a Chicopee building. On Sunday, 43-year-old Kimmy Dubuque was killed inside a Cumberland Farms when an SUV driven by 81-year-old Edwin Skowyra crashed through the front of the store. In addition to the shopper who was fatally injured, another customer, the clerk and the driver were injured. Police say that the car was travelling through the intersection at Front and Grove Streets and then went over a barrier and through the store. Police are looking into the possibility that a medical issue caused the driver to lose control.

Sources: Chicopee police release names in fatal crash; Continue to investigate cause Car smashes into Chicopee bedroom

Drivers can lose control of their cars for many reasons. Speed, inattention, and mechanical defects are among the common causes. The possibility of a medical issue in this second incident raises the issue of physical infirmities. These kinds of infirmities can be considered in determining the reasonableness of conduct. For example, if this driver suffered an unforeseeable heart attack that caused him to lose control of his SUV, he would not be responsible. If, on the other hand, he knew that was subject to some medical condition that would cause him to lose control of the vehicle but drove anyways, he could be liable in a negligence action.

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