Camera on MBTA Bus Captures Holbrook Accident

Last Monday, an accident in Holbrook involving an MBTA bus and another car was captured on one of the bus’ cameras, helping transit police determine who was at fault for the bus accident.

Last week, the MBTA released the video, which shows the driver of a Chevy Malibu slumping over before crossing the median line and hitting the MBTA bus head-on. The footage helped police determine that the bus driver was not at fault for the motor vehicle accident. They cited the other driver for failure to stay within marked lanes.

Police say that surveillance video footage has also helped them in other instances, like when a crime is committed on an MBTA bus or nearby or when suspects ride the MBTA after committing a crime. Roughly 350 buses out of the MBTA’s 1,100-bus fleet are outfitted with eight cameras each. Some subway cars and stations also have video cameras.

Holbrook crash demonstrates value of cameras on T buses, Boston Globe, October 15, 2009
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