Busy Massachusetts Intersections Lead to Injuries

People no longer have to be in a car to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Victims are involved in such accidents when they are struck by a car, and they suffer substantial injuries. On September 28th, 52-year old Mark Theobald was walking on Center Street in Stockton, Massachusetts when he was struck by an oncoming car. He was rushed to Boston Medical Center to be treated for his serious injuries, and as of October 1st, he remains in intensive care. The driver, Timothy Poh, reported the accident and no charges have been filed against him. The police assert that the driver will not be charged and found during the course of their investigation that the driver was not speeding but instead had a visibility issue.

Unfortunately, Theobald is not the only one who is injured by oncoming traffic. Just days before Theobald’s accident, a 55-year old bike rider who was hit by a SUV on Belmont Street. The man rode his bike across the street where no crosswalk is present and was struck by a blue Toyota Rav4. He was picked up and flown by a medical helicopter to be treated for his injuries. His injuries, which included serious head trauma, appear not to be life-threatening according to the local police. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. The yellow bicycle was crumbled on the floor and the SUV had a crack on its windshield. This accident is no surprise to local residents, as the area has been known to be unsafe for everyone. The state Department of Transportation claims that the nearby intersection of Lorraine Avenue and Linwood Street is famous for accidents-millions of dollars in improvements are needed to make it safer. State reports from 2005 to 2007 indicate that the same intersection “had 56 crashes, which ranked 68th statewide during the time period.” The improvements, which include pedestrian crossing and traffic light installation, are scheduled to occur in the year 2014.

Another accident, occurring at the same time, involved a boy struck by a car on Battles Farm Drive and Battles Street. The child was transported to Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital to be treated for his injuries. The police indicated that the boy was not seriously hurt. None of the drivers of these accidents are being charged by the police, as the police asserted that the drivers were not at fault for the accidents. The police did not even charge the truck driver who struck and killed a 3-year old girl earlier this month.

With accidents occurring all over the state, police urge pedestrians and drivers to pay careful attention when walking or driving to avoid injuries. If you do end up a victim of such an accident, contacting our personal injury lawyers can help you avoid costs. Whether you are a victim or not, remember to take preventive measures to avoid getting hurt on the road. Try to cross on designated crosswalks and pull over if your visibility is impaired or if you are distracted when driving. If we are all pay a little more attention and exercise caution around certain intersections that are known for accidents or are particularly busy, we can all arrive to our destination safely.

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