Bus Driver Suspended After Passenger Posts Video

Springfield-based Peter Pan Bus Lines has suspended a bus driver who was caught on video using his cell phone, eating chips, and tearing passenger’s tickets while driving. A passenger captured the incident on camera and posted it on YouTube before forwarding the link to company officials.

Officials said they are investigating the incident, which occurred on a trip from Boston to New York City on Tuesday, April 7. They have not released the name of the bus driver but said the behavior was against company protocol.

A Green Line trolley accident that occurred earlier this month injured close to 50 people. That employee has admitted to texting his girlfriend just before the subway collision and has been fired by the MBTA. The operators’ union is challenging the cell phone ban that the MBTA issued to its drivers just after the accident.

Peter Pan Bus Lines driver suspended after passenger posts video of him on cell phone while driving, The Republican, May 19, 2009
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