Bus Accident Highlights Metro Safety Issues

Here in Boston, we’ve had our share of subway and bus accidents. Apparently, we aren’t the only city with this problem. On Friday afternoon, bus riders in Washington, DC boarded the B2 bus as usual, not knowing that the driver was an imposter. The 19-year-old man donned a standard-issue Metro bus driver’s uniform and drove a bus out of the Bladensburg garage before picking up passengers and crashing the vehicle into a tree and multiple cars.

The bus accident has resulted in an in-depth review of the Metro’s security procedures to determine how an unauthorized person could have driven a bus out of the garage.

Initially, the bus driver fled, but he was later arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and fleeing an accident. He reportedly told investigators that he simply had a fascination with buses.

Source: Metro passengers taken for a ride by impostor bus driver, Washington Post, July 11, 2010
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