Brockton Doctors Face Lawsuit After Patient Kills 2, Injures 1

Last year, a Massachusetts woman crashed her car into Brockton Hospital, killing a doctor and a secretary and seriously injuring a radiation therapist at the hospital. A wrongful death lawsuit against the driver, 77-year-old Jane Bergland, of Rockland, has already been dropped after a settlement was reached out of court.

Now several of Bergland’s doctors face potential lawsuits for failing to warn their patient, who was taking insulin for diabetes, among other medications, that her medication might impair her ability to drive. She was also taking powerful painkillers and undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Less than a year ago, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in a similar case that a Brockton doctor could be sued for failing to warn a patient about the potential side effects of prescriptions. That case is scheduled to go to trial in November. The newer case against Bergland’s doctors is still going through the legal process.

Driver’s doctors sued over fatal Brockton Hospital crash,, September 6, 2008
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