Bring-Your-Own Bike Lane May Help Boston Cyclists

Boston is a notoriously difficult city for motorists and cyclists to coexist. Drivers sometimes “door” bikers as they glide by, and SUVs pose an especially dangerous safety threat to bikes, Alex Tee thinks he may have the solution. The cyclist and mechanical engineer is working on creating a bring-your-own bike lane, which would be fashioned out of lasers.

Cyclists would mount the device, called LightLane, under their bicycle seat, boosting visibility to nighttime drivers and marking the turf around the bike. The more conventional “blinky lights” highlight the center of the bike, so motorists still sometimes clip the handlebars.

Tee is collaborating with Evan Gant, an industrial designer, and the pair is trying out different colors and orientations for the lasers. They plan to have their product ready for the Interbike bicycle trade show in Providence next fall.

A bring-your-own bike lane, created by lasers, February 16, 2009, The Boston Globe
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