Boston Globe’s Guide to Safe Holiday Driving

As the holidays approach, many drivers will be decking out their vehicles with Christmas trees, decorative reindeer antlers, or holiday wreaths. The Boston Globe recently reported on the safety and legality of such items.

According to their article, it is legal to strap a Christmas tree or other seasonal items (excluding lights) to the roof of your car. However, it cannot obstruct your view of the road or block headlights, turning lights, or brake lights, as such obstructions could potentially cause an auto accident. Drivers may be subject to a $35 fine for “impeded operation” of a car.

Massachusetts state law does restrict the height and width of all vehicles. The limit on vehicle height is 13 feet 6 inches and width is 8 feet 6 inches, which also applies to items lie mattresses, bicycles, furniture, and, in the case of hunters, game kill.

Loads may also extend up to 4 feet beyond the rear of a car. Drivers must attach a red light, cloth, or flag to the end of the load if it exceeds 4 feet. The article continues to describe the insurance implications if your load becomes unattached and causes a traffic accident.

Inside scoop on what can go outside, Boston Globe, November 23, 2008
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