Boston-Bound Amtrak Train Hits Stranded Car

On Thursday morning, an Amtrak train traveling from New York City to Boston, Massachusetts hit a car that was stranded on the railroad track. Before the train accident, the car had been hit by another propelling vehicle that pushed it onto the railroad track.

The car was totaled, with debris strewn around the site of the accident. Fortunately, the driver of the stranded car had left the vehicle following the first accident. Neither the driver of the disabled car nor the 278 passengers and crew members on board the train were injured.

According to a local investigating officer, “two of the four railroad tracks were shut down because of the debris from the train versus car crash.” Unmanned train crossings pose a very real danger to drivers and pedestrians. Residents near the scene of the train accident hope that the accident will show railroad authorities the need for preventive gates.

Northbound Amtrak Train Struck Stranded Car on Railroad Track,, March 27, 2009
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