Boating Accident Kills Weymouth Man, Injures Another

A boat capsized early Monday morning, claiming the life of a 64-year-old Massachusetts man and injuring his brother. The two were found in Boston Harbor by Coast Guard after family members called and said they did arrive home as expected. Rescue helicopters found one of the brothers around 5:52am. He was taken by rescue helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital.

The other brother was located around 8am but was unresponsive according to Coast Guard. A rescue helicopter crew brought the man back to Station Point Allerton before we was reportedly transferred to local EMS and later died. It’s not known why the two brothers were on Boston Harbor but it’s been conjectured that they attempting to retrieve lobster traps near Hull Gut.

Because of the hazards associated with being on the water the Massachusetts Boat and Recreation Vehicle Safety Bureau prohibits operating boats under the influence of drugs or alcohol, operating at greater than headway speed within 150 feet of a swimmer, or operating in an overloaded condition. It’s unclear if any of these were a factor in the fatal boating accident.

Source: 1 Brother Rescued, 1 Drowned In Boston Harbor,, November 15, 2010
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