Bicyclist Hit, Killed in MBTA Bus Accident

On Wednesday evening, a bus accident near the intersection of South Huntington and Huntington Avenues killed a 23-year-old bicyclist. According to reports, the man’s bicycle had gotten stuck in the Green Line trolley tracks and he was hit by a Route 39 bus while trying to free it. The MBTA bus accident victim was transported to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Witnesses say the accident happened so quickly that neither the bicyclist nor the bus driver had time to react. The driver, who is 29-year-old and has no record of safety or traffic violations, had about 150 feet to react.

As a result of the fatal bus accident, police down shut Huntington Avenue and other streets in the surrounding area so that accident reconstruction teams could investigate. Passengers on the E line rode buses between the Brigham Circle and Heath Street stations, as Green Line service was temporarily suspended.

Source: MBTA Bus Hits, Kills Bicyclist,, April 7, 2010
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