Authorities Blame Ice for Several Massachusetts Highways Accidents

Icy road conditions may have played a role in several Massachusetts car accidents that occurred over the weekend. Police offers were injured in two of those crashes.

At about 6am Monday morning, Falmouth police officer Richard Everton sustained non-life threatening injuries when his cruiser spun out of control and flipped over. Everton was responding to a crash on Route 28.

According to a state police spokesman, a trooper sustained minor injuries in separate car crash in Millbury. Because icy roads create dangerous driving conditions, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Registry of Motor Vehicles recommends driving at reduced speeds and never locking your brakes when there’s ice. Also make sure that your fuel tank is at least half fuel to reduce the likelihood of it freezing.

Source: Several crashes reported on icy Mass. highways, Boston Globe, November 8, 2010
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