74-year-old Bicyclist Killed in Boston

Police have confirmed that a man was killed Monday morning in a collision with a car near the corner of Tremont and Arlington streets in the South End of Boston. The white sedan hit the man while he was on his bike, facing in a direction where the solar glare can cause problems for drivers at that time of day. The driver was interviewed by police and was not cited as of Tuesday.

“It is sad to get such a vivid reminder that despite the good progress our city has made on bicycle safety in recent years, crashes like this can still happen,” said Pete Stidman, director of the Boston Cyclists Union, which advocates for rider safety.

Stidman said he recently was hit by a car on Dorchester Avenue, but was unscathed. He said it is important for cyclists to report such accidents.

“I talk to cyclists all the time and remind them to report to police or the city whenever they’re involved in an accident because we need to know where the accidents are happening in order to fix the problem,” he said.

Bicyclist, 74, killed in South End collision, Boston Globe, January 25, 2011
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