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Injured Animal Impacts Traffic on Route 2

Drivers in Lancaster, Massachusetts had an unusual encounter on their afternoon commute last Wednesday. Apparently an injured 200-pound animal was found by the side of Route 2 in Lancaster. Police believe the wild boar was hit by a car. The state trooper who discovered the wounded animal called for reinforcements.

Because the animal was badly injured and could potentially cause a car accident if it wandered into traffic, authorities decided to redirect traffic and put the boar out of its misery. The Boston Globe reports that Chet Hall, a farmer in Royalston, labeled the animal a Russian wild boar based on its rodent-like snout and cinnamon-colored collar. Hall had arrived to claim the animal’s remains for use as coyote bait.

According to a spokesperson for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, wild boars are not usually found in Massachusetts and would require a special permit. The animal was believed to have escaped from a game farm.

Wild boar struck on Route 2 causes a stir, Boston Globe, October 24, 2008
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